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What is Classical Hathayoga?
In this video, Sadhguru says Hathayoga is not an exercise, not a twist and turn, not a stretching, it is a way of re-aligning your system to the cosmic geometry so that you are a perfect receptacle of everything worth knowing.
Sadhguru brings back Hathayoga in its classical form, brings back certain dimensions of Hathayoga which are almost absent today. Sadhguru created Isha Hatha school of Yoga to train teachers who offer Classical Hathayoga all over the world.

We are the first Classical Hatha Yoga studio in Japan. We offer the full range of Isha Hatha Yoga Practices in Japan.


About the Teacher/教師の紹介
Deepika has undergone an intensive 1,750 hours (21 weeks) residential training by Isha Hatha School of Yoga, at Coimbatore, India in 2021. She has been living in Tokyo, Japan since 2006. She always wanted to introduce Yoga in its classical form to Japan. Janika means Mother in Sanskrit. Deepika now delivers Classical Hathayoga to Japan as a mother and hence the name YogaJanika for our studio. You can approach her using the "Express Interest" form above (or by email/phone). Deepika will contact you to know your requirements and offer the appropriate courses for you.

「ディーピカ」は2021年にインド・コインバトール市にあるIsha Hatha School of Yogaで1750時間以上(21週間)の集中的なハタヨガ・先生トレニンーグに参加し、教師の資格を取得しました。 彼女は2006年から日本に住んでいます。彼女はいつもヨガを起源から伝われるクラシカルな形で日本に紹介したいと思っていました。「ジャニカ」とはサンスクリット語で「母」を意味します。ディーピカは母の心を持って日本にクラシカル・ハタヨガを出産しているため、スタジオ名を「ヨガ・ジャニカ」にしています。 しばらくは英語での授業になります。参加希望の方は、上の"Express Interest"フォームを記入、またはメールかお電話でお問い合わせください。